Improving Your Chances for a Successful Hunt

We always encourage our clients to commit some serious time on the targets in the days/weeks leading up to a hunt with us.  This disappointment of missing the animal (or even worse, placing an arrow in a non-fatal area) which you have spent days stalking to get within bow range of can be crushing.

All too often clients will focus on getting their gear in order, sharpening broadheads, tuning their bows etc all the while forgetting that none of those aspects of preparation will mean anything if you cannot place your arrow where you need it to go, when it most counts.

Remember, accuracy is critical to a  successful hunt.  Yes, you need to have the right gear, be an excellent stalker and have your bushcraft sorted, but above all else, when it is just you and your bow with your quarry within range, making that arrow fly true and straight for a double lung/heart shot is all that matters.  Focus on improving your “grouping” averages.  Anyone can get a lucky shot in every now and then, but the effective bowhunters are able to consistently place an entire quiver of arrows into a target all within a hand-span of each other.

Practice.  And when you are done practising, go practice some more.

Happy hunting!



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